roadIf you think this is going to be about guys I’m dating, let me clear something up. It’s probably going to be more about the guys I’m NOT dating than anything else.

So….. there’s this guy I’m not dating…I’ll call him the Reluctant Friend. I met Mr. Reluctant on Plenty of Fish a couple of years ago, back when I was a sad puppy. He didn’t not like me. But he didn’t like me either. Or maybe he did? I can’t really remember.

All I know is from day one I considered him a friend. From all I can gather he considered me a curiosity, a little whack but not without some merit…and oh, yeah he might have considered me a stalker because I texted him stupid shit all the time.

For some reason (I think he’s nice and recognized my recent broken heart and pain…) he put up with me.

So now we are kind of lop-sided friends. The kind where one person (me) just won’t let go. If I were insecure (which I am every other Thursday) I might think how pathetic it is that I just KEEP touching noses with this timid. I don’t blame him at all. I’m a little scawy when you throw a drink in me and hand me an iPhone.

Recently we started a banter. Ok, I’m fudging a bit. I started a banter….it’s always ME sticking out my nose first…but we were bantering and it almost felt like we were actual friends. He called me Babe instead of Kiddo. (Now that I’m dating, I’m nobody’s kiddo, hah!)

He’s my friend and that’s that because when you’re me and you know what you like, there’s really no other option.
Cue the stalky music but finish it up with unicorns and rainbows!

–Datergurl, still STILL in bed, wondering if this house is gonna ever clean itself and trying to LMAO.