caliAll dates can be a little gift if you choose to look at it that way. If I really like someone as a person, I tend not to let go. Mr. Reluctant and the Neck will attest to that. It’s a little creepy at first but actually once my target realizes I’m just up  for a laugh and I stay in my pen it’s all good. By not letting go I don’t mean that I factor them into any real life scenario…but I will shoot them a text if it feels right.

So I texted the dude who wants kids to tell him that our date was a success because he discovered his repressed desire for children and I discovered the series “Californication” thanks to his recommendation.

He told me his girlfriend of nine-years showed up unexpectedly. The Susan Anton to his Dudley Moore. We proceeded to have a twenty minute texting discussion about the entire past nine years and where he wants it to go in the future. He thanked me for being a sounding board. I said any time. He said he’s got a lot to think about. I said, yes, it does sound like a lot. Very civil I’d say. Very 2017.

So don’t tell me these dates are mindless, pointless, dehumanizing….because it all depends on who is going on them and if one of them is me then it’s real. 3-D real life real.

The End

Datergurl…heading out for a massage…