By January, I will be alone in this house. Okay…with six dogs, a pig and a house spider named Boris if God-willing spiders live that long. I knew this day was coming, but it is coming differently that I had envisioned. I envisioned sending them all off, the children, one by one to school or to some adventure. Instead it is all happening in a swell. Everyone is sort of ejecting at around the same time, for a variety of reasons….none of them college (at least not immediately) but all of them adventures nonetheless.

I would also add that at various times I thought that I would send off my children and settle in with my honey. Various honeys have held this spot. But it always meant privacy and frolicking. I am honey-less at the moment, so this too is different than I had imagined.

Tonight, Natalie and her guy Kevin, the remaining newly hatched humans, are downstairs cooking. Finally, at 9PM the aromas and smells wafting through the house, I could stand no more. I descended the staircase to investigate, and maybe score some dinner.

I thought to myself as I descended that having young people in the house is nice. This surprised me because usually I think that having young people in the house is like being tortured with dewy rose petals. You appreciate the esthetics, but it’s still torture.

Tonight though I had a vision. I could see this house, with me in it, and with some younger people…college students maybe. I say college students because someone shared with me today the story of a woman who only rents to college students. It is always fresh and short-term.

So in this vision, I had two roommates. See, Natalie’s room has an attached bath and Owen’s room has a bath next door. So it works. It is a good set up for the right person/peoples.

The ad would read: bedroom+bath in eclectic (sorry but the word fits) craftsman in Oakland. Can literally walk to anywhere from your bedroom. Must be reasonably tidy (do your dishes and take out the trash without being asked) and must MUST love the six dogs who will bark at you, beg for your dinner, sleep on your bed, and love you like a rock.

I got to, in my mind..still descending the staircase, to the part where I am giddy placing this ad. I almost got to the interviews in my mind and then I was whooshed back to reality.

With a vision.

Before, I didn’t have a vision.

But now I do.

And it is a pretty hilarious vision. I think I am going to do proceed with this vision.  And you, my dear friends, will hear all about