I remembered what I was going to write.

Then I heard a sound like someone was in the house but it didn’t worry me because it was a sound like Natalie would make in the afternoon..only then  did I realize that no one could be here because  she is now far away…and I wondered if it was confabulation or some mind trick?

But I remembered.

I have been noticing lately that my muscle bulk is quite reduced.

Not much more than that except to say that I did NOT expect this.

I stayed firm long enough to think I had it nailed.

And then I started to feel soft.

At first I was in love with the soft way my skin felt. The bumps on the back of my arms were gone. I chalked it up to a benefit of old(er) age. But that  was superficial. Deeper still was the next thing I noticed – how bony I had become. Get this straight: I am still a big girl. But I have angles I didn’t expect.

My up top. My hands look ancient yet my fingers are puffy. My fore-arms are agekinda tight but then I have to consider whether or not it is more that my biceps are comparatively small.

The shoulders are bony. No deltoids left. When I was a teen I hated my bulky shoulders. Now I know it was just muscle that I possessed.