I woke up this morning ready to free-clean. It was a long weekend – and those are the best for tackling everything in your universe. I was glad I would have help, because when I looked around and made note of everything I hoped to accomplish, it was gonna take an extra pair of hands and a Channukah miracle.

When I found out that Dylan had caught the flu and wouldn’t be joining me I mentally wondered if I could leave the carrying for him, later.  “Surely I can’t move all these boxes to the basement, myself,”  I thought and,  “I will definitely have an asthma attack if I  sweep under this house.”

Now of course I could have left some things for Dylan to carry or sweep since he is coming  over when he feels better but all-at-once I knew what I had to do. I had to get into the flow and free-clean and if that meant moving boxes myself I was going to have to be a big gurl and chuck boxes.

By now you are getting the picture. When you free-clear you float about the entire house in a type of cleaning trance that is as close as a person may ever come to an out-of-body experience. One things leads to another and the next and it seems like a dream and then you wake up and all your stuff is clean and organized, even the junk drawer. That’s free-cleaning in a nutshell.

Of course there are issues. For instance, it usually gets a lot worse before it gets better. When I free-clean about two hours in every surface has something on it that needs to be moved somewhere else or boxed up. There is crap everywhere.

You have to stop thinking and not freak out when it gets crazy and just be in your house and do things that need to be done. It gets better by  bits. You must keep moving and day by day there will be more clear spots. Which is why I like the four day clean. I need a good long time to get it all together once it’s strewn everywhere. And even with four days, sometimes as the sun is going down on Day Four I am running around fluffing pillows and grabbing socks off the dining room table.

Once I got over the impact of Dylan not being available, and accepted that all the back-breaking lifting and legwork would fall on me, I got into the groove. I free-cleaned to a few hours of the news. I like the chatter; it keeps me company. Then when I couldn’t stand to listen to yet another version of the same story, I turned everything off and went silent. It was boring at first and I almost put on some music but before I could figure out what to listen to a quiet calm came over me and I decided to go deep.

I moved hella boxes. I drifted from room to room, arms always carrying a load of this or of that, stopping only to wash a dish or two I’d find somewhere like under a bed. I moved a California King size mattress topper upstairs solo AND got it on the bed right (for the full story of THAT read my next post) I threw out all the leftover Christmas candy and started making piles for big trash day and recycling (lots of cardboard, yo). I continued to pack up Natalie’s things in plastic bins for the basement and I packed up ten prepaid mailing boxes to send to her now. I moved more boxes.

I’m only at the end of Day 1. Day 1 is always a day full of hope and promise. But if you walked through my front door right now – ay carumba!….it always gets worse before it  gets better…stop thinking and just move this little thing, then the next. Stay in the groove and by Day Four night, you’re gonna feel like you had a colon clean, a total body exfoliation and ECT. You’ll be clear as a bell because your stuff will be neat and tidy, and you will feel light. Free-cleanin’ is the bomb.cleaner