So you know how I’ll ask Google anything? Well, last night, after another ten minutes on OkC (cut me some slack, it’s Valentine’s Day) I signed off because it was just dreadful.

So I asked Google why it is that the men on OkC are just hideous?

I don’t mean not my type. I mean the matches who were showing up mostly appeared to be murderous or homeless. It would have taken more than a shower and a BART pass to make any of these fellas appealing in any way.

I’m not mean. Or even being mean. I’m trying to be generous. I’ve been wanting to just LOOK with an open mind. Because men are nice, right?

Well I got an answer and let’s just say the jokes on me.

Apparently, they match you with who they feel is your equivalent in the area of attractiveness. Usually by attractive we’d be talking about the whole package but this appears to be just a photo thing.

They only show you men they think you’re good enough for, physically anyway.

OMG you don’t want to see who they included in that category for me. You just don’t.

I used to have up some perkier photos and the matches then were better. I posted a more neutral picture recently to weed out the hook-up scene.

Well, apparently I weeded out damn near everyone.

I don’t think the picture I posted is unattractive, it just doesn’t ooze sex appeal. Because frankly, neither do I at this point.

But I still feel that this punishment for not being beautiful is way too harsh.

I have known some very handsome men who actually look at the whole picture, and OkC has denied me the opportunity to impress them with my wit, warmth and undeniable charm.

How dare they!

The funny thing is that I’ve jumped on here and there to use OkC as a barometer of whether or not I can actually see myself dating again.

No wonder the answer has been – run for the hills.

I have several options. The first is to forget the whole thing. Most of the time that’s what I do. I only talk about it so much here because this is a dating blog, and we single folks got a tale to tell.

I could also pretty up my profile and fool the algorithmers. But I’ve decided that I hate OkC on principle. SO I’m breaking up with them permanently.

I did a Tinder check in – haven’t done that in a while – and yes…there are decent men out there.

I kind of liked it when all I was seeing was the dregs. It confirmed my permanently single status.

Now I’m realizing that there are actual, nice men out there.

Last year, when I did my soul mate exercise where I envisioned when I would be ready to meet someone…I came up with Dec 2018. That seemed far enough in the future that I’d be ready by then.

Now I’m thinking summer 2019. Certainly not NOW. It’s too cold and my bed is too cozy and I have no desire to go anywhere, much. Definitely not on a date.

Anyway, I thought you just know that if you’re gonna be on OkC you’d better post a really nice picture or else you’re gonna get every catfishin perv out there. With missing teeth.

You’re Welcome.

And P.S., would you want to be on a dating site that thinks they can decide who you’re gonna find attractive? Let’s all leave OkC, because it’s really kinda gross.

Let’s just get out and go to the beach when the weauglyman_largether warms up.