It’s no secret that I’m a recent empty-nester, single, and often banging around looking for something to do.

I often end up alone with my bad self, so it was nice to get a message from Cindy who’s one of those acquaintances who would be a close friend if only life weren’t spinning so out of control all the time. She’s fun, and she suggested I attend Cat Yoga. You know, with people. And, cats!

I’m not really a cat person but I still consider myself a lover of all things animal. I like to do things I’ve never done before. Plus I vaguely know the woman who started Cat Town where the yoga was being held. And also I just restarted my yoga practice so yoga is going to happen one way or the other, with or without cats.

So I gave it a yes.

Earlier today I got a message from Cindy that she forgot all about the Cat Yoga (I personally have been counting down the days) and she had nothing with her but she was going to try and buy some yoga pants and hop on BART after work and attend the event.

The things we do for Cat Yoga.

I zoomed home and dropped off my dogs (sorry cats) and made it over to Cat Town and I walked in and none of the volunteers knew anything about the class. There was a big hubbubb but then other people, all ladies of a certain age, arrived and it turns out that I was taking part in an activity with a meet-up group of all women and someone forgot to tell the front desk about the event but it was okay because they were gonna work it out.

Everybody was exceptionally friendly. The organizer brought snax in the form of goldfish which was kind of whimsical and silly. I found some CBD chocolate at the snack bar and decided to enhance my experience. They announced that after yoga, anyone who wanted could join them for dinner across the street. They set up a big banner that read “East Bay United Gals” and they took a lot of pictures.

I put on a name tag the whole time thinking about what a waste of paper it was for everyone to be putting on a name tag. With Trump and Global Warming in full throttle things like name tag trash worry me. Also name tags remind me that I’m supposed to be making friends and that makes me a bit anxious. I’m super outgoing except when you put me in a group with name tags. Then, I go all Little Mermaid and lose my voice.

A Cat Town volunteer gave us an introduction which basically told us to respect the cats.

Unfortunately, cats don’t like the sound of fifteen ladies throwin’ down their yoga mats. They all skedaddled except for one who was super chill and decided to nap with his eyes open.


Anyway, there was palpable excitement in the air over these cats. The yoga teacher who was a woman of a certain age with a pretty rockin’ bod had renamed all the poses with cat names. No downward dog for this group. Only she kept forgetting the cat names and said downward dog a few times. I’m pretty sure the cats were grossed out by that.

There was this one pose where you were supposed to make your back leg into a pretend cat tail and your opposite arm had to act like a cat paw. We all worked our tails and our paws something fierce.

At one point the cat yogi had us in horse pose and we were going to transition to goddess and it required some facial contortions and some sound from our belly AS LOUD AS WE COULD DO IT and I gasped and said, “Cats!” And the yogi said,  “Oh right we’ll have to be quiet goddesses.” So everyone made their goddess noises as quietly as they could so as not to disturb the cats.

Cat Town pipes in the sound of birds chirping which I liked. They also have a mural on the wall of roof tops and one of the cats was fooled into thinking he could actually hop onto the roof painting and he bonked himself on the face, twice, before sliding down the mural. I noticed all this stuff and I also noticed a sign next to me and a tiny camera. The sign said that Maddie’s Fund had donated a cat cam and we were basically being broadcast live. I was worried until I realized that the cam was set at cat height so I was only being captured from the calf down.

It was kind of sweet the way everyone was gaga every time a cat did something halfway cute. You’d have thought we were on safari the way the ladies pointed and got quiet when a new cat decided to venture out of its box.

I’m not a cat person but I did spend a few moments with the guy who slept with his eyes open and he was a pretty cool cat.

Afterwards the organizer wanted a group photo and we all had to make cat faces. Many of the women put their little paws up under their chins and I seriously wondered about myself when I noticed that I had my claws out and was making a fang face.

When you’re single you’re supposed to get out of the house and do things and meet people and even though this was pretty fun I’m going to say that the push to get out and do things is both my favorite thing about being single, and the thing I find the most difficult.

I’m not a joiner and I don’t do things in groups. I’m sure there were some very nice women in East Bay United Gals but I didn’t go to dinner, even though making some new friends is on my agenda.

I haven’t remembered to look at my Bumble BFF app, and I flaked on setting up a group activity because life got to spinning out of control.

But I did do some yoga and I did get some mileage out of the cats and even though I’m not ready to become a gal just yet, it was nice to be included in the gurlfest.

I drove home feeling as though life is turning some kind of corner.  Kids are gone and I’m on my own, and cat yoga is enough for today.

It’s enough.