Maybe I jinxed myself starting a blog about dating.

Maybe I’m doomed to date and date and date……forever!

There are worse things. Maybe.

This time around I’m mostly focusing on working out at God’s Gym. After two sessions I’m sore and it feels good, man, not gonna lie. Probably feels way better than dating, if I’m being honest.

But I’m not giving up on dating entirely. I’ve given up before. God knows there are times when you just can’t stomach the thought.

But this time around I’m taking the easy way. I’m not giving it too much thought and I’m matching with a ton of decent men who want to see me. And not just the thirty year old horn dog set, either. There’s a nice mix and plenty in the wings.

Think abundance.

My new strategy, because extreme physical fitness is a goal, is to hike with every new date. An hour is a long time to give away, and this way, dating isn’t going to eat up any of my free time.


I remember when I used to meet everyone at The Alley for a drink.

Well, not anymore.

I’ve got four hikes, I mean dates, I mean hikes, lined up for next week. That’s right I’ve got 2,000 calories worth of dates I’m gonna burn off.

Boy, am I gonna be fit.