I was just thinking about men who are too busy.

Just about any man can find himself busy. It’s a busy, busy world.

I once dated a surgery resident. He was on call every other night. Meaning, he was either going on call or coming off a 48 hour stint. We’d meet up after his 48 hours on and hold hands. One time he said – “Can I just look at you for an hour, then I really have to go to sleep.”

I don’t want to tell all the guys who are too busy to see me about the surgery resident. Not everyone can be a surgeon. Or know how to pull a woman close while dealing with a schedule that hellish. But some men do manage to excel.

Here’s what I want to tell a guy who is just too busy.

Are you too busy for a 5 A.M. roll in the hay followed by eggs?

Are you too busy to open the door so that I can drop off soup and give you a quick kiss before heading out?

Are you too busy to dial the phone and talk for five minutes before you go to sleep?

Maybe you could text me while you’re pooping?

I got plenty of these scenarios that might work with a busy guy, but what it really comes down to is that sometimes men just don’t wanna.

I guess these guys don’t want to say that, because it might mean giving up their prerogative to change their minds one day.

If they say they’re too busy it means that they’re off the hook for the time being and when they get really bored or full of ennui they can circle back and say they are “not too busy.”

Only one problem.

There is nothing I hate more than a guy who is too busy. See, I know that it’s total B.S. and nothing pisses me off more than meaningless bullshit.

I have total respect for a man who doesn’t want to.

Sometimes we’d rather stay home. Sometimes we aren’t that interested.

One of my best guy friends hates to see people. I get it. I love this man, but he generally speaking doesn’t want to see me.

I also think that the busy guys don’t want to hurt our feelings. Men are actually nice people. I really do believe that.

But I wish they would understand that nothing makes a woman happier and nothing makes us sadder than a guy blowing kisses and delivering nothing.

Plus there is a little problem that men do NOT understand.

Were we to take a man at his word then we’d fly into multi-tasking problem solver mode and arrange to help our busy guy. We’d offer to shop, water plants, do errands. We’d rally around and we’d damn sure stand by our man.

So don’t say B.S. like busy, mmmkay?

Don’t tempt us into actually giving a crap when what you mean is you don’t wanna.

If you say you don’t want to, we will love you just as much, maybe more.

Just ask my friend Marc. I just texted him to let him know I’m thinking of him.

He’ll either answer me in five minutes, or a day or two months from now.

He’s actually quite busy. But he would never, ever, tell me that.

He’ll say things like: I’m watching netflix and eating burritos and I don’t feel like seeing anyone the next six months. I’ll try and get him to see a band. He’ll say no. Then out of nowhere he’ll show up with an extra burrito. That’s friendship.

I really wish guys who are potentially more than friends could take a page from guys who are just friends.

Be real.

Give us information we can actually work with!

All I have ever come for is a good and honest connection.

So don’t tell me you’re busy.

Tell me what you had for dinner, how you can’t seem to get out of bed, how until you are done with the latest round of 16 hour days you don’t wanna see nobody – but don’t tell me you are busy.

Or I’ll show up at your door with a chicken pot pie and flowers.

That’s the kind of gurlywoman that I am.

Oh and I also am out of any ability to handle anything with with any dignity.

Take a look at this. After two weeks of lackluster texting on Bumble I could NOT help myself. Heh.



Sometimes a gurl has just gotta vent.



Addendum. I reported him. 😂😂😂